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Secretariat’s Jockey – Ron Turcotte

1h 15min 2013 13+

Secretariat’s legendary jockey Ron Turcotte is one of the few champions to have won the prestigious American Triple Crown. This is the remarkable story of Turcotte’s rise to fame in 1973, the fall that left him a paraplegic in 1978-after an illustrious career with more than 3,000 victories-and his emotional journey back to the people and places that marked his life.

Finding Farley

1h 2min 2009 7+

When Karsten Heuer and Leanne Allison, along with their two-year old son Zev and indomitable dog Willow, set out to retrace the literary footsteps of Farley Mowat they meant it literally. Their 5000KM trip -trekking, sailing, portaging and paddling from the Prairies to the Maritimes – is captured in the documentary Finding Farley.

Depeche Mode: SPIRITS in the forest

1h 20min 2019 13+

goes beyond the typical concert film and weaves together six emotional stories of Depeche Mode fans, speaking to the band’s timeless ability to unite people across language, gender, age, and circumstance.

Grim Woods

1h 25min 2019 18+

Ignoring all signs and warnings, four counselors at a remote summer camp tell campfire stories to each other from an ancient book of evil that come to life to haunt them one by one.

André Rieu And His Johann Strauss Orchestra – And The Waltz Goes On

2h 30min 2011 ALL

Two-and-a-half hours of heart-warming music and fabulous photography, all recorded in Vienna, musical capital of the world. Gorgeous Viennese waltzes, songs and marches, famous Viennese operettas, dances, beautiful costumes, the Johann Strauss Orchestra and of course André in his starring role as conductor, violinist and entertainer.

Survive This

2009 2 Seasons TV-14

Eight teenagers are taken into the wilderness with Les Stroud as their mentor. Chosen for their unique personalities and overall adventure readiness, these kids are vying to fulfil a self-determined goal that is both personal and inspiring.

Forgive Don’t Forget

1h 10min 2018 ALL

During Japan’s surrender at the end of World War II, many swords were confiscated by American officers. As a means of bringing two cultures together, a filmmaker attempts to return one of these surrendered swords to the owner in Japan.

So Long

1h 10min 2019 18+

So Long follows the lives of two women after a breakup.

Star Trek: Picard

2020 1 Season 13+

This new “Star Trek” series features Sir Patrick Stewart reprising his iconic role as Jean-Luc Picard, which he played for seven seasons on “Star Trek: Next Generation.” The new series will follow this iconic character in the next chapter of his life.

Diving into the Unknown

1h 22min 2017 16+

Ready to reach the depth of your hearts, unconditional friendship is the key theme of this courageous story. Facing their worst nightmare four cave divers are left distraught after two of their friends drown in an underwater cave in Norway. When the official recovery operation is called off, the divers take matters into their own hands, in a bid to bring the bodies home. Dramatically intense!

Mars Rising

2007 1 Season 7+

Mars Rising explores the quest for a manned mission to Mars. A companion to the expedition series Race to Mars, Mars Rising is a comprehensive examination of the challenges and the obstacles being faced by international space agencies and labs for the 21st century’s most heroic and deadliest expedition.

André Rieu And His Johann Strauss Orchestra – Wonderful World

2h 27min 2015 ALL

André’s fans looked forward to this moment for all of 2015: the new Vrijthof concert in Maastricht! It was a fantastic event once again, with tens of thousands of people coming from all over the world to enjoy it.

Nature Calls

1h 19min 2012 R

Determined to honor his father’s scouting legacy and mount one last comeback for his dwindling troop, an Assistant Scoutmaster convinces a group of kids to secretly ditch a slumber party in favor of a weekend scout trip.

Boris and the Bomb

1h 58min 2020 16+

What happens when a washed up KGB agent, who has defected to the U.S., gets into the back seat of an Uber with a Nuclear bomb he must disarm in 48 hours?

Lessons Learned

16min 2014 7+

Instead of the regular tea and cake fare, Grandfather presents The Boy with an intriguing gift. When curiosity gets the best of him, the boy falls into an adventure of other-worldly experiences not intended for him.

This Little Land of Mines

1h 3min 2019 13+

During the Vietnam War, the US bombed Laos more heavily than any other country had been bombed before. Today, the Lao people live among, and risk their lives to clear, over 80 million unexploded bombs on their doorsteps. With great beauty and empathy, this documentary reveals the unbelievable stories of the men and women at the forefront of this monumental task.

The Beatles And World War II

1h 36min 2017 18+

Arrangements of Beatles songs by the Bee Gees, Elton John, Tina Turner, and more set the tone for this profound anti-war musical by legendary filmmaker Tony Palmer. Re-cut and re-released for the first time since 1976.

My Heart Attack

14min 2015 7+

Life is certainly stranger than fiction. Even if he’d tried, filmmaker Sheldon Cohen couldn’t have made up the events that led to his being rushed to an Emergency room one sunny summer afternoon. This is the true story of “a nice Jewish boy with Buddhist inclinations” who should have been the last person in the world to need cardiac surgery.

The Legend of Rasputin

13min 2018 R

Rasputin rises to fame before angering his fellow Russians in this humorous parody of the historical figure.

The Inspector General

1h 41min 1949 ALL

Danny Kaye shines as Georgi in this satirical musical comedy about a lovable buffoon who wanders into a town where he is mistaken for the Inspector General by its corrupt mayor.


1h 34min 2014 18+

STITCH follows the story of grieving parents as they cope with the loss of their young daughter. At the height of their desperation, their best friends lead them deep into the desert for a weekend ritual meant to burn away emotional baggage. The amateur ritual goes awry & cosmic forces are unleashed, forcing the couples to come to terms with loss, betrayal, hope & love.

The Whale and the Raven

1h 41min 2019 ALL

Director Mirjam Leuze illuminates the many issues that have drawn whale researchers, the Gitga’at First Nation, and the Government of British Columbia into a complex conflict. As the people in the Great Bear Rainforest struggle to protect their territory against the pressure and promise of the gas industry, caught in between are the countless beings that call this place home.

Kansas Pacific – Sterling Hayden, A Western Train Classic!

1h 12min 1953 13+

With the Civil War looming, construction of the Pacific railroad is being held up in Kansas, sabotaged by Confederate sympathizers. The government dispatches an Army engineer, John Nelson (Sterling Hayden, most well known as Capt. McCluskey in “The Godfather”), to oversee construction. He initially rubs the wrong way, both his proud boss (Barton MacLane) & his boss’s feisty daughter (Eve Miller).

Hitler, Dead Or Alive – The Ultimate WWII Exploitation Classic

1h 10min 1942 13+

Three ex-convicts lead by Ward Bond (best known for playing the Wagonmaster on the “Wagon Train” TV series) fly to Germany in order to track down Adolf Hitler. If they are successful and find him, a million dollar reward is to be paid to them.


1h 46min 2019 13+

Amidst some of the most tumultuous times in our nation’s history, Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, longtime president of the University of Notre Dame, finds himself in the eye of the storm as he works to advance the causes of peace and equal rights.

Chasing After You

1h 24min 2019 18+

Chasing After You takes a twist on modern romance, after a young male pursues a single mother with no interest in a relationship; other than her one with God.

The Man Who Unlocked the Universe

38min 2018 7+

Ulugh Beg was one of the world’s greatest astronomical minds, an enlightened leader who turned medieval Samarkand into a great center of science 150 years before Galileo invented the telescope. Blast off on a stunning journey from his birth as a prince through right up to his untimely death.


21min 2016 ALL

90 year-old Mabel Robinson broke barriers back in the 40s when she became the first woman in Hubbards,Nova Scotia,to launch her own business-a hairdressing salon where she still provides shampoo-n-sets over 70 years later.Weaving animation and archival imagery with intimate and laugh out loud moments in the salon,the film celebrates the power of friendship,doing what you love and staying active.

Unquiet Graves

1h 15min 2019 13+

During the UK’s war with the IRA, the Glenanne Gang murdered 120 innocent civilians. Shocking evidence has emerged exposing the involvement of a British Army regiment at the heart of the gang’s six-year campaign of terror. This gritty doc reveals the collusion between the British government and the loyalist death squads.

Qallunaat! Why White People are Funny

52min 2007 7+

What’s so funny about white people,otherwise known as Qallunaat to the Inuit?Well,among other curious behaviours,Qallunaat ritualistically greet each other with inane salutations,repress natural bodily functions,complain a lot about being cold,and seem to want to dominate the world.Why White People Are Funny is a humbling portrait of what it must feel like to be the object of the white man’s gaze.


1h 7min 2019 13+

Author and chef Edward Lee finds the beauty in rot on a journey to better understand how the ancient process of fermentation is used in modern times.

This River

20min 2016 13+

This river offers a first-hand perspective on the devastating experience of searching for a loved. Kyle has a sister who went missing over five years ago. He now works with a volunteer organization that searches the Red River for clues relating to missing members of the Indigenous community. Katherena is a poet and writer whose work stems from a family tragedy that happened over 20 years ago.

That Higher Level

1h 14min 2019 ALL

That Higher Level follows the 100 musicians who make up the National Youth Orchestra of Canada over the course of two months of training and touring across the country. The film weaves together footage that captures the essence of the training institute and, eventually, the journey and performances on tour.

Cicada Song

1h 13min 2020 16+

Karen, left for dead in the wilderness, struggles to survive after uncovering a dark secret about the people in her Middle America hometown while searching for her missing Latina lover and a migrant child who disappeared without a trace.

The Colour of Beauty

18min 2010 13+

Renee Thompson is trying to make it as a top fashion model in New York. She’s got the looks, the walk and the drive. But she’s a black model in a world where white women represent the standard of beauty. Agencies rarely hire black models. And when they do, they want them to look “like white girls dipped in chocolate.” The Colour of Beauty examines racism in the fashion industry.

Stephen King’s A Good Marriage

1h 41min 2014 R

From the legendary Stephen King – with a serial killer on the loose and a stranger stalking her family, a dedicated wife unveils a sinister secret about her husband that threatens their marriage – and lives.


2020 1 Season 13+

The power to infiltrate minds and manipulate memories. Those who have it are feared, hated and referred to as “pets”. Hiroki and Tsukasa both possess the power. It would have consumed their fragile hearts, were it not for the special bond they share. But their wish to be together is callously exploited by underground organization “the Company”. What consequences will distorting their bond have?


2020 1 Season 13+

Everyone knows that life is good. But what if that belief was shown to be wrong one day? Don’t miss the long-awaited animated version of Mado Nozaki’s sensational novel, which critics have described as a poison that enters your body when you read it! This story follows Zen Seizaki from the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office as he investigates a scandal involving a pharmaceutical company.

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