New Arrivals (USA) – Jan 27

The Demented

1h 32min 2013 R

Six college friends on a weekend getaway fight for their survival after terrorists release a deadly virus that turns everyone into zombies.

Sugar Daddies

1h 27min 2015 13+

Kara is a bright girl from a middle-income family. She is pursuing a law degree and working part time as a waitress. She is finding it very hard to find the time to do all that she needs to and to complicate things even further she is offered an internship. Kara is thrilled to be offered the internship as it is rare for an undergrad to find such a position.


(95)6.21h 35min2008X-RayR

A literature professor faces a crisis of conscience when his book advocating compassionate euthanasia is enlisted by the government in 1930s Germany.

Crystal’s Shadow

1h 27min 2019 13+

Stalked by a strange man in black and haunted by the memories of a manipulative mother, Crystal flees into the dark countryside seeking help. However, Crystal doesn’t realize her otherworldly nature and is unprepared for the danger that pursues her.


1h 25min 2002 18+

Based on a true story. Harlan Knowles, billionaire and President of Bio-Comp Industries, heads up a team of experts in a quest to locate a company plane that disappeared over the remote forests of the Pacific Northwest.

The Tiger’s Tail

1h 47min 2006 R

A hawkish businessman slowly finds his life being taken over by the twin brother he never knew he had.

Blood Stripe

1h 26min 2017 16+

A Marine Corps veteran returns after multiple tours, carrying unseen wounds. She escapes her domestic life, only to find that her burdens cannot be outrun, and that war comes home.

Night Vision

1h 37min 1997 R

A homicide investigator goes after a media-obsessed serial murderer who videotapes his victims’s deaths.

The Fifth Cord

1h 32min 1971 NR

When four trendy socialites are brutally murdered, an alcoholic reporter begins to unravel a twisted trail of clues.

The Paranoids

1h 45min 2010 18+

Luciano Gauna, a paranoid and failing screenwriter in Buenos Aires, has his world thrown upside down when his successful TV producer friend returns from Madrid with a stunning new girlfriend.

Hidden Guns

1h 1956 13+

The outlaw Stragg has the town so intimidated that no one will speak against him no matter what he does. Sheriff Young heads for a nearby town, where there is a witness willing to testify. Meanwhile, Stragg hires a gunman to take care of the sheriff and the witness.

Primary Motive

1h 31min 1992 18+

In this political thriller, an ambitious press secretary discovers that the opposing political candidate has feathered the nest of his campaigns with terrible lies.

Out of Control

1h 33min 1988 18+

A woman decides to steal her mobster boyfriend’s car and a whole lot of his money, then tries to hide out in a small town.


1h 23min 1996 18+

While attending his high school reunion, Jeff becomes reacquainted with his old girlfriend Angela, and discovers that while she was a bit flighty years ago, Angela has since developed a sexually adventurous streak.

The Missourians

1h 1950 13+

In the little town of Dorado, widely known as a town with no crime and no bank to rob, young Polish-born Steve Kovacs is fighting a two-edged sword of prejudice; his foreign birth and also the fact that his brother, Nick Kovacs, is the leader of an outlaw gang known as The Missourians.

Dreams Of The Dead

1h 36min 2009 NR

For 15 years the large estate of Samuel Arnold has stood silent and empty. From its darkened windows, dark and foreboding eyes stare out from behind the glass.

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