New Arrivals (USA) – Jan 28

Anzac Girls

2014 Season 1 TV-MA

The true stories of extraordinary young women who witness the brutality and heroism of war and rise to meet the challenge.

Royal Nirvana

2020 Season 1 18+

A crown prince, Xiao Dingquan (Luo Jin), faces all the enemies who damage his country and hurt people he loves. In order to save his country, he decides to fight against them. He meets a maidservant, Lu Wenxi (Li Yitong), who originally seeks revenge and kills him. They eventually form a relationship and help each other.

The Amazing Race

2016 Season 28 NR

The Amazing Race gets social! 11 new teams made up of socially savvy racers will embark on a journey around the world. Phil Keoghan hosts.

Prescription for Love

1h 28min 2019 13+

In this modern-day Cinderella story, Claire, a nurse, fights for a chance at love with a charming new doctor and for a promotion to free herself from the misery her supervisor creates. As her supervisor tries to derail Claire’s chance at happiness, Claire will have to stand up for herself and go after her dreams.

Many Wars Ago

1h 41min 1970 16+

In Northern Italy, WWI has turned into a bloody stalemate. The men of an Italian infantry division have been given one objective: retake a commanding height from the enemy. Unfortunately, the tactical ingenuity of general Leone, the unpopular division commander, consists of supplementing frontal attacks against machine-guns. Directed by Rosi, with a wonderful performance by Gian Maria Volonté.

Gang War in Milan

1h 40min 1972 18+

Salvatore “Toto” Cangemi is a produce purveyor in Milan, Italy, but he also runs a profitable side business moonlighting as a pimp. The appearance of a ruthless and greedy French gangster called Le Capitaine threatens Toto’s livelihood. Le Capitaine wants to unite the organized crime in Milan and take a large share of the profits for himself, but Toto’ wants no part in Le Capitaine’s plan.

Momo: The Missouri Monster

1h 20min 2019 13+

In 1972 Louisiana, Mo played host to a massive ufo outbreak. At the same time, a local family was plagued by a series of sightings of a creature the media dubbed, Momo. Years later, their story was turned into a drive-in horror movie but was never released, until now. In this latest film from Small Town Monsters see the horror brought to life onscreen and learn the true story that inspired it!

Just Write

1h 44min 1998 PG-13

A tour-bus driver (Jeremy Piven) meets his favorite actress (Sherilyn Fenn), who mistakes him for a famous scriptwriter and arranges to meet again.

Hallucination Strip

1h 32min 1975 18+

Hallucination Strip (Italian title: “Roma drogata: la polizia non può intervenire”) is an Italian 1975 poliziottesco film directed by Lucio Marcaccini at his first and only film. Massimo Monaldi, a student involved in political protests, steals a valuable tobacco box and becomes entangled in a deadly web between the police and the mafia.

Love in the City

1h 55min 1953 16+

Seven top Italian filmmakers pooled their talents together on the omnibus “reality” feature, Love in the City. The film is divided into six separate episodes, directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, Federico Fellini, Alberto Lattuada, Carlo Lizzani, Francesco Maselli, Dino Risi and Cesare Zavattini.

The Cat

1h 49min 1978 16+

Amedeo and Ofelia, middle aged brother and sister, own an old, decadent but still attractive condominium. They want to sell it but, before that, they have to evict all the tenants. Of course, they don’t want to leave it at all. The cat (Il Gatto), the mascot beloved by everyone, dies and this gives them an excuse to enter into their tenants’ life. With fantastic Italian actors like Ugo Tognazzi.

The Last Hit

1h 29min 2015 NR

Driven by revenge, Simon Carson joins the local crime syndicate to find the people who killed his daughter. One day he is sent to dispose of a young girl. He decides to instead save her. This signals the beginning of a thrilling struggle to survive, as an odd assortment of hired killers and mercenaries try to hunt them down.


1h 35min 2002 R

A scientist and his sidekick accidentally clone a journalist and decide to turn the mistake into Repli-Kate, their idea of the perfect woman, who loves, beer, football and frat parties.

Poverty and Nobility

1h 34min 1953 13+

The writer Felice (Totò) and the photographer Pasquale live in poverty. Their friend Eugenio, son of the Marquis Ottavio, convinces the two to accompany him and pretend they are aristocrats when he goes to ask for the hand of his beloved Gemma (Sofia Loren). All the double crosses, mixed messages and startling coincidences are handled with exquisite comic timing, presided over by Totò.

Bikini Valley Car Wash

1h 33min 2020 16+

When Amanda and Britney’s obligations and responsibilities become overwhelming, the two roommates are forced to resort to using their biggest assets to resolves their problems, their brains, and bikinis.

Hitch Hike

1h 44min 1977 18+

Walter Mancini is a newspaper editor whom is driving across California with his spiteful wife, Eve, on a weekend getaway to save their troubled marriage. But things take a turn when they pick up a stranded motorist, Adam, whom takes them hostage revealing himself to be a fugitive running from both the police and his two accomplices after robbing a bank and making off with all the loot.

Tel Aviv On Fire

1h 36min 2019 13+

Salam, an inexperienced young Palestinian man, becomes a writer on a popular soap opera after a chance meeting with an Israeli soldier. His creative career is on the rise – until the soldier and the show’s financial backers disagree about how the show should end, and Salam is caught in the middle.

By Dawn

1h 21min 2019 18+

A former marine suffering from severe PTSD prepares his family for war as the deadline for an alien invasion approaches.

The Passing Parade

1h 27min 2019 13+

Errol Larson wrote the best play of the last ten years. Crippled with writers’ block, she dives into her past in the hopes of saving her career. Soon fantasy and reality collide, showing her that life’s just a story we tell ourselves.

Murder Obsession

1h 37min 1981 18+

Michael, a successful actor, has a scandal in his past: at a tender age he knifed his father to death. He and his girlfriend Deborah go to his mother’s for the weekend, and are joined by the director and other colleagues who are given reception by the creepy housekeeper Oliver. Soon, rude things begin to happen to some of the guests, and Michael fears a repeat of his nightmare past is in progress.

Almost You

1h 36min 1985 PG

Alex’s job is a drone and his wife is incredibly boring. When Erica has a car crash that temporarily puts her in a wheelchair, it changes everything. Alex takes up with his wife’s young physical therapist and feels that this affair could be the answer he is looking for. Or is it?

Shake, Rattle & Rock!

1h 15min 1956 7+

A group of concerned adults try to ban rock and roll music in their town because they think that the music promotes juvenile delinquency. It’s now up to a disc jockey and a hipster to defend the music in a televised trial. The movie also features several rock and roll performances, most notably from Fats Domino.

I’ll Be There

1h 45min 2003 PG-13

An off-beat comedy about a former 80s pop star (Craig Ferguson) whose downward spiral is halted when he discovers he has a teenage daughter (Charlotte Church), the product of a weekend love affair.

Empathy, Inc.

1h 37min 2019 13+

After losing a big deal, Joel has hit rock bottom. Desperate for a win, he begins seeking investors for Empathy, Inc, a VR startup offering users the experience of a less fortunate live. Joel soon discovers that all is not what it seems.

House Of Sweat and Tears

1h 33min 2019 18+

She, leader of a religious sect, leads a group of people. All live together in a claustrophobic place. The arrival of a mysterious character changes everything.


1h 24min 2019 R

Shot in less than 24 hours, the lead actress Shannon Lucio wasn’t given a script, a story line, or even her charater name before shooting the film, she has no idea what’s coming. There weren’t any rehearsals or second takes for Lucio, everything in the movie is the first time it happens and the last.

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