New Arrivals (UK) – Jan 30

Richard The Lionheart: Rebellion

1h 36min 2015 15+

The year is 1173. England and France are at war. As King Henry’s wife, Queen Eleanor, is captured and imprisoned by the king himself, Richard and his brothers are forced to lead the fight against their own father in a heartless war.

The Boy Downstairs

1h 30min 2018 12+

A young woman is forced to reflect on her first relationship when she inadvertently moves into her boyfriend’s apartment building.

No Men Beyond This Point

1h 20min 2016 13+

Imagine a world where, since 1953, women have been able to reproduce without men and they are no longer giving birth to male babies. Now, over 60 years later, this deadpan mockumentary follows the youngest man still alive – 37 years-old Andrew Myers. Working as a housekeeper for a family of women, Andrew finds himself at the center of a battle to prevent men from going extinct.

Bomba on Panther Island – Starring Johnny Sheffield, Formally Tarzan’s Son “Boy”

1h 16min 1949 13+

A man-eating black panther is on the loose & Bomba tries to track it down. He comes across brother & sister, Robert & Judy Maitland who are starting an agricultural farm. The local workmen are superstitious & think the Maitlands housemaid Losana has the spirit of a panther. They’re also leery of Bomba. Eventually for Bomba, it leads to an encounter with the panther with action & thrills galore!

Survival of the Film Freaks

1h 26min 2019 18+

“Survival of the Film Freaks is a documentary exploring the phenomenon of cult film in America and how it survives in the 21st Century. Through interviews and fan events, the documentary traces decades of film fanaticism up to the present, where the ‘digital age’ has transformed the way we experience movies.”

Killing Poe

1h 49min 2017 18+

In this college comedy, five students find themselves in the most infuriating class on Edgar Allan Poe ever. After weeks of abuse from their professor – and a ‘shroom-fueled trip with a beat-boxing groundskeeper and a TV horror host – the group plots revenge. But their “simple” plan spirals out of control and they learn the hard but hilarious way what Poe’s stories are really all about.

A Time There Was: Stories from the Last Days of Kenya Colony

1h 27min 2009 13+

It’s early afternoon, May 1, 1955, and Donald McWilliams finds himself with other British soldiers in Ndyeia Gorge in central Kenya. At their feet a Mau Mau fighter lies dying, mortally wounded by their gunfire. Raised on the romance of Empire, he’d imagined a great African adventure. But the look in the eyes of that dying rebel sets his life on another course.


1h 30min 2010 15+

In this gritty inner city drama, White Mike is a wayward teen who sells pot to rich kids from the Upper East Side. When his cousin winds up on the losing end of a deadly skirmish in a Harlem housing project and his best friend is arrested for the crime, Mike’s comfortable existence is shaken to the core.

Tiger Raid

1h 31min 2017 18

Two mercenaries kidnap the daughter of a rich businessman in Jordan with explosive consequences.


1h 39min 2015 15+

In the vein of The Omen and Insidious, this dark horror is set to petrify! Newlyweds Nathan and Sophia are looking ahead to their bright future, but are unaware of the darkness that is about to entail. When their first child Imogene begins exhibiting strange and demonic behaviour, their future is left uncertain as they desperately search for answers to free their daughter. Deeply disturbing!

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