New Arrivals (USA) – Jan 31

March’s Child 1h 50min 1958 16+ Screenplay by famous director Antonio Pietrangeli and Ettore Scola. With Jacqueline Sassard, Gabriele Ferzetti, Tina De Mola, Gina Rovere. A teenage girl (the French actress Jacqueline Sassard) falls passionately in love with an older architect (Pietrangeli regular Gabriele Ferzetti), but finds she isn’t prepared for the depth of emotionContinue reading “New Arrivals (USA) – Jan 31”

New Arrivals (USA) – Jan 29

Human Affairs 1h 18min 2018 18+ A compassionate drama about a young, successful theatre couple in New York City who meet their surrogate mother for the first time and embark on a startling and intimate weekend of surprises and emotional revelations. Colt In The Hand Of The Devil 1h 29min 1973 16+ When a cowboyContinue reading “New Arrivals (USA) – Jan 29”

New Arrivals (USA) – Jan 28

Anzac Girls 2014 Season 1 TV-MA The true stories of extraordinary young women who witness the brutality and heroism of war and rise to meet the challenge. Royal Nirvana 2020 Season 1 18+ A crown prince, Xiao Dingquan (Luo Jin), faces all the enemies who damage his country and hurt people he loves. In orderContinue reading “New Arrivals (USA) – Jan 28”

New Arrivals (USA) – Jan 27

The Demented 1h 32min 2013 R Six college friends on a weekend getaway fight for their survival after terrorists release a deadly virus that turns everyone into zombies. Sugar Daddies 1h 27min 2015 13+ Kara is a bright girl from a middle-income family. She is pursuing a law degree and working part time as aContinue reading “New Arrivals (USA) – Jan 27”